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May 16, 2024

10 Collections Making their 2024 Debut

e love giving our own spin to the pieces and collections that our talented designers and brands create. Through our own editorial, as well as that of The Adventurine‘s inimitable Marion Fasel, we identify trends or themes that paint a cohesive story or highlight a particular region or genre. In the short weeks leading up to this year’s COUTURE show, we wanted to hear directly from the designers. No embellishments (other than on the jewelry, of course!), no contextualizing, just 10 designers and brands (or their representatives) telling us about what they’re most excited to launch at this year’s COUTURE Show and giving us some insight into their inspirations.

Header image features a ring from Francesca Villa’s “Change Your Stripe” collection. 

In the short weeks leading up to this year's COUTURE show, we wanted to hear directly from the designers.

Tanya Farah

From rings that flip with one’s mood to pieces inspired by supernovas or superstars to jewels that allow one to spell out their feelings in Morse Code, we’re delighted to get this advanced glimpse into just a handful of the amazing collections we’ll soon be seeing in person at Wynn, Las Vegas!

Image courtesy of Francesca Villa

Francesca Villa:

“Francesca Villa’s newest collection – Change Your Stripes – began with the discovery of a set of resin cameos made in 1950 in Japan. They were originally created for a menswear company, commissioned to decorate cufflinks. One of the cameos features Janus, the god of duality and new beginnings. Francesca thought, wouldn’t it be fun if this new collection embodied duality? She envisioned a set of reversible jewels.

“Some days we are more fun and frivolous, and other days we are a little more serious. The one-of-a-kind reversible rings and pendants capture these changing moods; hence changing your stripes.

“Flip the central disc in the ring or pendant to reveal a joyful striped miniature painting featuring icons of the natural world; or to reveal a resin cameo featuring a warrior, god or nymph, embodying our human nature and perhaps our more serious side.”

Salon: 410


  • Image courtesy of Francesca Villa

  • Image courtesy of Francesca Villa

Image courtesy of Jenna Blake

Jenna Blake:

“The Morse Code communication system serves as inspiration for this collection. Custom messages are made up of diamonds and colored stones for you to decode. Whether you choose to spell a loved one’s name or a special message, the collection allows you to express yourself through the unique qualities of individually chosen stones.”

Salon: 407


  • Image courtesy of Jenna Blake

  • Image courtesy of Jenna Blake

Image courtesy of Kavant & Sharart

Kavant & Sharart

“The Twist Kaleidoscope, an extension of the Twist Reflection collection, draws inspiration from the captivating world of abstract art, particularly the visionary works of artists like Kandinsky and Hilma Af Klint. Just as these artists pushed the boundaries of traditional art, our designs break free from convention and offer a mesmerizing fusion of abstract, transformative expression and visionary craftsmanship.

“Our jewelry captures the essence of abstraction through intricate patterns and striking compositions. Each piece evokes a sense of movement, transformation and dynamism that echoes the spirit of these groundbreaking artists.”

Salon 619

  • Image courtesy of Kavant & Sharart

  • Image courtesy of Kavant & Sharart

Image courtesy of Lisa Nik

Lisa Nik:

“This year, I am excited about launching my butterfly and flower collection with multicolored sapphires and diamonds.

“I also am really into triangular shapes and heart shapes as pendant charms and cocktail rings. I shot a series of video content in March and so far the response has been really positive.”

Salon 201

  • Image courtesy of Lisa Nik

  • Image courtesy of Lisa Nik

Image courtesy of Meredith Young

Meredith Young:

“The Supernova Collection features a combination of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, enamel and stone inlay. Like stars, we have different phases in life. Like stars, we are constantly in transition. A supernova is a kind of death and rebirth. During a supernova explosion, the mass of a star becomes so heavy that it collapses under its own weight and shoots out carbon and other materials into the universe. Tapered baguette diamonds are used a lot in this collection to suggest the way that the star’s material shoots outward. Some of that makes it to our own world. This collection encourages us to see ourselves as infinite and beyond measure, and while Supernova officially launched in 2023, I’m so excited to showcase new additions to the theme.”

Salon 708

  • Image courtesy of Meredith Young

  • Image courtesy of Meredith Young

Image courtesy of Rouvenat


“Inspired by the original gouache drawings of the Rosace brooch, conceived by Léon Rouvenat himself, the Bolt Collection emerges as a contemporary ode to heritage. From opulent high jewelry pieces to more sleek range necklaces, the Bolt embodies Rouvenat’s signature aesthetic—a captivating fusion of history and innovation.

“Each piece meticulously crafted, the Bolt necklaces showcase a mesmerizing interplay of colors and textures, featuring recycled materials in rose, yellow, and white gold, alongside blackened or plain silver. At the heart of every Bolt necklace lies a precious or semi-precious center stone, carefully selected for its singularity. Bold and commanding, the Bolt necklace makes a striking statement, elevating any ensemble with its undeniable presence.”

Salon 631

  • Image courtesy of Rouvenat

  • Image courtesy of Rouvenat


“Oh! You Pretty Things! Get ready to discover the latest from Sorellina: Playlist – Among the Stardust, a collection inspired by music legend David Bowie and the seventies glam rock movement.

“The 15-piece collection is a stage-dive into some of Bowie’s infamous looks, reimagined as fine jewelry by Sorellina designer Nicole Carosella. Hand-carved semi-precious stone lightning bolt pendants draw from the ‘Aladdin Sane’ album cover and his iconic makeup look by artist Pierre La Roche. Rows of swirling diamond pave on earrings, necklaces and bracelets are reminiscent of his ‘Tokyo Pop’ outfit by Kansai Yamamoto, a black vinyl jumpsuit with white stripes that formed a semi-circle on the trousers, echoing a record. Add to that spinning stone-carved vinyl record charms.

“Bowie was the king of rock-star reinventions, adopting a new persona on nearly every album. Taking cues from this concept, Among the Stardust is the first drop in the Playlist series and will be followed with new seasonal collections inspired by different artists of varying eras.”

Salon: 605

  • Image courtesy of Sorellina

  • Image courtesy of Sorellina

Image courtesy of Tanya Farah

Tanya Farah:

“Daisies are considered sacred flowers that symbolize the essence of the divine feminine. As composite flowers, daisies are a harmonious fusion of two distinct blooms, symbolizing true love. We designed the Stephie’s Daisies collection for my daughter’s wedding with this in mind, as a token of love, union and new beginnings. Each petal is meticulously arranged with care, and the center of the flower is thoughtfully designed to be personalized with precious stones and cabochons, adding a touch of uniqueness to signify a special occasion.”

Salon: 440

  • Image courtesy of Tanya Farah

  • Image courtesy of Tanya Farah

Image courtesy of Yvonne Léon

Yvonne Léon:

“With the Casino collection, Yvonne Léon wanted to highlight the spirit of playing. She loves to play cards and was inspired by the four suites of playing cards – Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds. These jewels tell a unique story.

“With the Smiley collection, Yvonne Léon wanted to create a smiley face with different eyes and an original mouth. Each piece in this collection transmits positive vibes.”

Salon: 805

  • Image courtesy of Yvonne Léon

  • Image courtesy of Yvonne Léon

Image courtesy of Denise Cassou

Denise Cassou @ JULLS:

“The work and dedication applied at each stage of the development process make each Denise Cassou fine jewel a prior and unique creation.

“All of our pieces are made by expert artisans who have perfected their skills over the years.

“The understanding that fine jewelry carries special moments in history, which become lifelong memories, inspires us to transmit femininity, empowerment and modernity through our creations.”

Salon: 705

  • Image courtesy of Denise Cassou

  • Image courtesy of Denise Cassou

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