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March 21, 2024

A Day in the Life of Francesca Simons

ince launching her eponymous agency in 2016, Francesca Simons has been catapulting her clients into the limelight through the glossy pages of magazines, social media feeds, on celebrities walking the red carpet or embarking on press junkets and on big and small screens. She also supports her clients at retail, curating cases in some of the most sought-after stores in the world. Francesca’s roster of clients reads like a “who’s who” of cool kids and lightening-in-a-bottle talents, and she strives to give each of them the utmost care and attention as she elevates their work in the public eye.

The personal affection and admiration Francesca has for each of the brands with which she works is evident in her well-honed pitches and her tireless attitude towards servicing their needs. In this month’s Day in the Life, Francesca gives us a glimpse into her average day, and confirms what many of us have suspected all along about this New York City-based mom of two—she’s literally always working.

The personal affection Francesca has for each of the brands with which she works is evident in her well-honed pitches and her tireless attitude towards servicing their needs.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

5:30 AM – Up and at ’em!

I wake up buzzing with energy, my mind already racing with ideas for pitches I jotted down late last night. I start my day by skimming through the Daily Mail for news and celebrity gossip, then dive into emails, WhatsApps, and DMs to catch up with European clients and editors. Our current European roster includes Bea Bongiasca, EÉRA, Marie Lichtenberg, Rainbow K, and Yvonne Léon. I touch base with them early mornings to determine what I need to focus on for the day, go over ongoing projects, and ensure inventory packages are on their way and hi-res imagery has been received for the print editorial stories we are pitching.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

7:00 AM – Time to feed the troops!

I whip up breakfast for my boys, Eli and Rafael, before they wake up. Cereal, pancakes, and some OJ to get them going. After packing their bags with snacks and essentials, it’s off to school.

8:00 AM – Quick caffeine fix.

After walking the boys to school, I make a pit stop at Sant Ambroeus in the Upper East for an iced latte, then walk home to shower and get myself ready for the day.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

8:30 AM – A symphony of style begins!

After a refreshing shower and throwing on a simple (usually black) outfit, I begin the ritual of adorning myself with jewels, layering my ears (yes, I have 9 piercings) with my favorite earrings and stacking an array of mixed metal rings on my fingers. Once satisfied with my look, I dive into the heart of my day’s work.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

9:00 AM – Back at HQ.

My team (which now consists of 5) gathers for a Monday morning brainstorming meeting to go over our clients’ needs for the week and months ahead. We discuss upcoming projects and launches, and any fires we need to put out (usually multiple per day). This week I begin to work on an approaching campaign launch for one of my LA clients. We’ve compiled a PR strategy detailing our objectives, pitch ideas, and target outlets in order to secure sensational press for our client. This campaign is going to be major filled with top celebrities, I wish I could share more, but you will just have to wait and see! We are also in the process of planning a New York Press Day with this client to showcase the new designs featured in the campaign. We’ve finalized all the details and are now working on a targeted invite press/ stylist list. We want to make sure all the top NY-based editors and stylists are in attendance. After our team meeting, I scour the internet for press clippings to be sent to clients. We do this multiple times a day.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

10:00 AM – Deep into work mode.

I spend the morning crafting pitches based on my forecasting, jewelry trends and celebrity street style. The fashion and jewelry space is constantly evolving and new trends are always making their way into the spotlight, trends are constantly recycled, so I need to stay up-to-date on all things jewelry related in order to know what to pitch to editors. We love to spot trends first, and always try to be one step ahead.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

Award season means more opportunities to get our clients in the spotlight. We love a red carpet moment and are quick to send out media alerts when a celebrity is wearing our jewels to an event. This helps to ensure our clients will be credited in all articles surrounding the show. I scan the sites to ensure all credits are up to date, and when credits are missing, I’ll email editors to ensure they are updated. More press clippings!

Today, we had an emergency where a UK publication was looking for hi-res imagery from a retailers website that neither myself nor my client had access to. I immediately reached out to the buyer in order for her to send me the requested images by the tight deadline. As I also work on wholesale for a couple of clients, I have close relationships with the buyers, therefore am able to quickly react and gather what I need for the editorial feature.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

11:30 AM – Checking in with the other side of the world.

Time for calls with our LA-based clients to touch base on upcoming projects and press opportunities. Our LA based clients include Anita Ko, Grace Lee, Jacquie Aiche, KATKIM, and Suzanne Kalan. Our clients keep us busy with new collections, campaigns, bespoke pieces, special projects, and events.

Working on numerous profile editorial features, so time to touch base to ensure I receive all assets and answers to questions in time for deadlines. Editorial profiles and interviews are my favorite to work on. I think the stories turn out beautifully and they are great exposure for our clients. Time consuming for the clients, but the press coverage is worth the effort.

Today, an LA client has a Natural Diamond Council shoot, so I need to ensure all aspects are ready, and the client is well prepped. I’m very excited to see how this feature turns out as I spent hours coordinating between the editors and my client to make this happen. The camera crew are there now to drop off some backdrops and lighting, be right back!

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

NOON – Lunchtime.

Ha, no time for that today!

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

1:00 – 3:00 – The Witching Hours.

During these hours my team and I double down and crank out the rest of our to-do lists. At the moment we just wrapped up a successful fashion month and awards season and we’re currently working on The COUTURE Show. Planning, strategy brainstorms, requesting assets and details on new collections, creating the invite list, scheduling meetings, and making breakfast and dinner reservations.

Stylist requests begin to pour in (let’s be honest, they start around 6 a.m. and never end), and I oversee and approve all jewelry pulls, ensuring that our jewelry receives the attention it deserves. From supervising styling sessions to pullings for celebrity appearances and magazine shoots, I curate looks that resonate on glossy pages and digital screens alike. I ensure that the images and jewelry samples are correct and clean, and that any substitutions are made as needed. Yes, I micromanage and have OCD, so nothing leaves the office before I see it.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

Once pulls are complete, paperwork is created to cover our clients in the event of loss or damage, and then we start getting shipments out. We ship product to LA almost every day and prefer to send packages out early to ensure they arrive in time — the Fedex office is like our second home.

With a keen eye for aesthetics, I snap some pics of our clients’ inventory, sharing glimpses of their exquisite craftsmanship with my industry peers on Instagram. Each post is a testament to the artistry and allure of fine jewelry, sparking conversations and connections. I also take the time to do another Instagram search for celebrity placements. We recently had a major A-list celebrity wear a client to The Oscars Gold Party but haven’t been able to secure an image. We have been scanning tirelessly – looking through tagged photos, searching hashtags, scouring fan accounts, etc., Instagram don’t fail me now!

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

3:30 PM – Mom duty calls.

As the school bell rings, I transition from professional pursuits to mum duty with my boys. Homework sessions and snack time become cherished rituals, grounding me amidst the whirlwind of my busy day.


Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

4:15 PM – Keeping our retail partners happy.

I touch base with the buyers, making sure orders are processed smoothly and all shipments are on track. Looks like 3 DHL packages are stuck at customs due to missing documentation (typical), need to email clients to get those out ASAP! It’s especially important to stay on top of these international retailer shipments. If they are sitting on hold for too long, they’ll get sent back to Europe and we’ll have to start all over.

From providing the hi-res images they need for their social media to curating celebrity press updates, it’s vital to nourish and nurture these partnerships that elevate our brands to new heights. I am in constant contact with our retail partners and always checking in to see how our clients are selling, how the cases look, sold items, replenishments and new orders. A new retail partner I met in Paris placed a gorgeous order, so I am sending over the hi-res model and white background images for their site — get ready to load up your shopping cart!

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

5:15 PM – More emails.

Diving back into my inbox, 23 group text messages, 7 WhatsApp’s, sending out Dropbox links filled with new jewelry imagery and touching base with editors and stylists to address any additional needs or inquiries.

A celebrity needs jewelry for a beauty campaign, pulling those pieces now, an editorial request just came through for a cover being shot in Hawaii, and Vanity Fair on Jewellery is begging to work on Summer trends, working on it, more and more sample and image requests.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

My team and I will be heading to Vegas in May for The COUTURE Show and editors have already started requesting assets for the new collections. On top of the image requests, I oversee everything for my clients to ensure they are all satisfied and get the most out of COUTURE, from reviewing floor plans to scheduling press and buyer meetings.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

6:00 PM – Wrapping up.

My team heads out for the day, and I start winding down with dinner and some family time. Throwing on sweatpants stat! Ready to settle in for a cozy evening together with my boys. I am currently teaching Eli how to play backgammon, so time to thrash him at a few games.

Image courtesy of Francesca Simons

8:00 PM – Back to work. Once the boys are in bed, I dive back into work, focusing on our West Coast clients and any last-minute needs from LA celebrity stylists. Since the work day officially ended at 6pm, I’ve gotten quite a few more A-list celebrity requests so I’m currently pulling jewels in LA from the clients direct, as well in my office, to ensure everyone gets what they need by tomorrow morning. It’s a late night, truly it never ends, and I am on call 24/7. Call me the jewelry doctor!

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