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September 20, 2023

Brand Spotlight: PERUFFO

he founder and CEO of PERUFFO, Enrico Peruffo, reveres jewelry as an artform. In fact, his respect for the craft is so deep-seated it provides him with the confidence to take a philosophical and subversive approach to the design process. He believes the designs created by the Italian house have the ability to form a link to art and contemporary culture, and he demonstrates his dedication to exploring these connections through the company’s ongoing collaborations with artists in different fields, including art, fashion and architecture.

A diverse range of sources serve as inspiration for PERUFFO’s designs.

The level of experimentation evident throughout PERUFFO’s oeuvre is buttressed by a profound level of expertise in the traditions of Italian high jewelry craftsmanship. The brand’s parent company, Fratelli Bovo S.r.l., was founded in Trissino (in the Province of Vicenza) in 1977, and for nearly fifty years, has maintained a reputation for innovation and stylistic excellence.

Its commitment to versatility in its designs is supported by the adoption of state-of-the-art technology utilized in tangent with traditional manufacturing know how. This same conviction is applied to the PERUFFO ethos, which pays homage to the heritage of extraordinary Italian artistry without being confined by institutional attitudes or mores.

A diverse range of sources serve as inspiration for PERUFFO’s designs. Painters and art theorists, nightclub culture, fashion, photography, anatomy and architecture are all influential in forming the brand’s prolific collections. The variety of themes and ideas that are brought to life in tangible form are both distinct and complementary, and all share a commonality in efficiency in their use of lines and symmetry.

The in-house facilities in which all pieces are designed and developed by expert craftspeople allows a meticulous level of scrutiny along all steps of the manufacturing process, ensuring an exceptional quality of detail in design and fabrication.

PERUFFO’s Studs collection, for which the brand received a record-breaking 4 nominations and 2 wins at the 2023 COUTURE Design Awards, was designed by Creative Director Marta Martino, and was inspired by the powerful words of Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, “Point and line to plane.”

In Studs, whether in the award-winning bib or in its mini hoop earrings, the pyramid, an archetype of perfect geometry, sets the foundational aesthetic. In constant repetition, rendered in 18k yellow gold and deep blue agate, the small pyramidical stud has a transcendental effect, becoming the jewel itself.

Cherishing the connections his artists’ work forms with the world around us, Enrico is also called to employ environmentally and socially ethical practices throughout his companies. In addition to adhering to all mandates imposed by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the brand utilizes 90% recycled gold, 90% recyclable paper packaging and ethically sourced stones in the creation and presentation of its designs. Enrico also holds the people with whom he works in the highest regard, with a brand statement reading, “People are our greatest resource, our true ‘value.’”

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