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January 17, 2022

Hidden Gems: Belle Cose

ith multiple locations in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Vero Beach, Florida, Belle Cose is a lifestyle retailer featuring jewelry, homeware, gifts and clothing, and catering to a discerning clientele whose loyalty transcends geographical limitations. The Belle Cose flagship store was opened in 1995 on the iconic Town Square in the heart of Jackson Hole’s charming commercial center, with 7 other locations now available to shoppers throughout town. We had an opportunity to sit down with the store’s owner, Jane Carter-Getz, to get some insight into her unique point-of-view, find out some of her favorite local spots, and learn about some of the COUTURE designers who are current fan favorites in this first installment of our new monthly series, Hidden Gems.

In addition to jewelry, we have kitchen, tabletop, gifts and clothing, so we’re really comprehensive in terms of what we offer.

COUTURE: What’s notable about your store?

Jane Carter-Getz: I think what’s unique about us is how many different categories we showcase. In addition to jewelry, we have kitchen, tabletop, gifts and clothing, so we’re really comprehensive in terms of what we offer. Our multiple locations also set us apart; if someone can’t find something in our flagship store on the Town Square, we can send them to one of our other locations to help them find what they need.

COUTURE: What COUTURE designers or brands are your clients responding to lately?

JCG: Leigh Maxwell is doing really well lately, as is Paul Morelli. We have had great success with Heather B. Moore, specifically with a custom Teton charm that she designed for us that sells non-stop. Temple St. Clair and Marco Bicego have always been big sellers for us, and we’re starting to do really well with Lisa Nik. Since our clients come from across the globe with different aesthetic sensibilities, there’s not one “trend” that people are drawn to, a little bit of everything works. That said, we do mostly sell colored gemstone-intensive pieces rather than diamond-intensive pieces.

COUTURE: What’s the best place in town for grabbing a quick bite?

JCG: Anything out of the pastry case at Persephone! It’s a really charming, French-style pastry shop that also has fabulous lunches. It’s definitely a go-to spot in town, there’s always a line.

COUTURE: What’s the best restaurant in town for entertaining clients or out of town guests?

JCG: Trio is one of my favorite restaurants. I highly recommend the blue cheese waffle fries and their blood orange margarita!

COUTURE: What’s the best bar in town for grabbing a drink?

JCG: My favorite bar is up at the Snake River Grill. You can sit at the bar and grab a drink and a burger (if you can’t get a table). The other iconic bar here is the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson, and of course, the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar on the Town Square. Of course, with a 12-year-old son at home, I don’t go out to bars very much these days myself, but these are all highly recommended!

COUTURE: What’s your favorite local cultural spot and/or local charity?

JCG: The Center for Arts! They are always hosting something that’s special and unique. One22 is a great local charitable organization that helps a lot of people in the area in a variety of ways.

COUTURE: What’s special about your town?

JCG: Well first of all, the scenery is just magical. People are always overwhelmed when they first come here because it is the most beautiful place in the world. And then there are the people. A lot of people visit once and then end up making it a second or third home, or they move here full time, and there’s just a really nice, mountain-sense of belonging without any of the pretentiousness you might find in other places. Obviously, a lot of the people who live here are incredibly successful, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that because people are just down-to-earth and very community minded. You can feel that if you’re just visiting, or if you’re lucky enough to live here full time!

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