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August 15, 2023

The Edit: Back to Nature

sking COUTURE’s designers and brands to send us images that evoke this month’s theme, “Back to Nature,” is sort of like asking for images of “diamond jewelry” to celebrate April–each request is both universal and extremely specific. Like the majority of artists from time immemorial, COUTURE’s designers are infinitely inspired by nature. What’s always exciting for us to see is the incredible array of interpretations that can be applied to similar motifs. From florals and foliage to creatures of land, air and sea, from a celebration of color to corals, shells and waves, from dew drops to a bounty of edibles, all of the pieces showcased here are on-theme while also showcasing a singular point-of-view.

Header image features Maison Tjoeng 

Like the majority of artists from time immemorial, COUTURE's designers are infinitely inspired by nature.

Aida Bergsen

Florals and Foliage

  • Andreoli

  • Simone Jewels

  • Gumuchian

  • Buddha Mama

  • Luvor

  • Karina Brez

  • Three Stories

  • Harry Kotlar

  • Mason Books

  • Future Fortune

  • Kwiat

  • Gem Platinum

  • Jane Taylor

  • Sethi Couture

  • Stephen Dweck

  • Sydney Evan

  • Gismondi 1754

  • Carrera y Carrera

  • Carol Kauffman

  • Casa Castro @ JULLS

  • Aida Bergsen

  • Alexia Gryllaki

  • Onirrika

  • Tanya Farah

  • John Apel

  • Pasquale Bruni

Creatures of Land, Air and Sea

  • Yvonne Léon

  • Harwell Godfrey

  • Sara Weinstock

  • Moritz Glik

  • Ruth Grieco @ JULLS

  • Single Stone

  • Lunar Rain

  • Paula Crevoshay

  • Leo Pizzo

  • Gurhan

  • Retrouvaí

  • Alberto

  • J. Fine

  • Scott West

  • Lydia Courteille

  • Lisa Nik

  • Jenna Blake

  • Alex Sepkus

Edible Adornment

  • Oscar Heyman

  • Sauer

  • Sorellina

  • Carolina Neves

  • Julez Bryant

  • Joanna Dahdah


  • Tariq Riaz

  • Dezso by Sara Beltran

  • Assael

  • Maison Tjoeng

  • Mattia Cielo

  • Birks

A Celebration of Color

  • Robinson Pelham

  • EÉRA

  • Octavia Elizabeth

  • Etho Maria

Gemma Couture

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