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December 04, 2022

Waking up with Reinhold Jewelers

or over 20 years, Reinhold Jewelers in Puerto Rico has been arousing senses and inciting desires with its annual Holiday Book. One of the first retailers to take into consideration the artistry inherent in designer fine jewelry, its founder, Marie Helene Reinhold, immediately saw beyond the weight of gold and diamonds into the heart and souls of the designers for whom their work is an artistic expression of their world views. With their annual book, Reinhold translates its foundational tenets into a discovery of their beautiful curation of jewelry, alongside a distinguishing feature of Puerto Rico.

This year’s book serves not only as an ode to Puerto Rico’s culture and beauty, but also its resilience and ingenuity.

“At Reinhold, we have three touch points that act as our guide—beautiful design, relationships and Puerto Rico,” explains Marie Helene’s daughter, Yael Reinhold Lipnik. “In the summer of 2002, my mom dreamt the idea of creating an annual Holiday Book that would serve as an ode to Puerto Rico, the island without which Reinhold Jewelers could not exist. Her vision was to use our platform to share the beauty and art that exists in every aspect of life and culture in Puerto Rico and illustrate how those live in the jewelry we showcase at Reinhold. The Holiday Book was also created as a way to personalize the experience of shopping for jewelry, making designers not just anonymous names on paper, but real people, with their own connections to the values that we hold close to our hearts.”

Past Holiday Books have featured graffiti, tattoos, comic books, birds, sky and, somewhat controversially, garbage, challenging readers to shift their perspective and view some cultural component of the island through a lens of beauty. This year’s book serves not only as an ode to Puerto Rico’s culture and beauty, but also its resilience and ingenuity.

“The Coffee of Puerto Rico” highlights an industry that was almost entirely decimated by Hurricane Maria. With a 500+ year history as a significant source of Puerto Rico’s economy, its revitalization is the result of a collective, herculean effort to restore its former glory as a product that is internationally recognized for superb quality and flavor. In the process of creating this year’s Holiday Book, the Reinhold team that produced the book began to recognize the similarities in artisanal coffee and designer fine jewelry.

“These farmers are true artisans, tending to their plants with love and care and with steadfast resolution, finding passion amidst the rubble of a natural disaster,” Yael writes in the book’s introduction. “So too are the baristas, who don’t just serve a cup of coffee but prepare it as a work of art in itself and the final step of our coffee’s recovery and exquisiteness. Our resilience is embodied in each and every cup that we share when creating long-lasting memories.”

With stunning imagery highlighting every aspect of Puerto Rico’s coffee ecosystem juxtaposed with images of designers’ jewelry, the book is an evocative journey of discovery. The quotes included by each of the nearly 70 designers who participated in this year’s Holiday Book highlight the cultural and ceremonial significance of coffee. From sharing how their morning coffee ritual plays into their creative process, to their earliest memories of coffee’s allure as a symbol of sophistication, to highlighting their favorite beaneries and cafés, these designers all recognize the influential role coffee plays in their lives and their art.

For Yael and the rest of the team who worked on the book, including graphic designer Josué Oquendo Natal and photographer Xavier Garcia, this year’s experience was more intimate and immersive than ever before, “This is the one we’ve gone into the most in-depth,” Yael explains. “We spent 9 months working on the book, and I know way more about coffee now, but we’ve only just skimmed the surface. We created relationships with all of these different farmers, and we’ve been so happy to extend our family in this way. The way they tend to their plants and care about their product is no different than the designers we work with, and it’s so neat to see.”

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