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February 28, 2024

Special Edition: COUTURE Takes Tucson

Have you ever wondered why the jewelry industry flocks to Tucson, Arizona each February? Are you curious about how designers shop for gemstones? What about the gemstones that those “in the know” consider the most underrated or overrated? For this Special Edition Podcast, we stopped a handful of designers and industry tastemakers in the aisles of “the tents,” in the back lot of the Tucson Convention Center, in the lobby of Pueblo and, in one case, underneath a highway overpass, to get some insights into their Tucson experience, find out about their favorite stones and to discover the myriad ways people “get in trouble” in Tucson. While the sound-quality on some of these rapid-fire interviews admittedly isn’t studio-quality, we’re delighted to share the joy, excitement, laughter and passion that was conveyed during these “man on the street” encounters.


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