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April 26, 2023

Brand Spotlight: HARAKH

hen fourth generation diamantaire, Harakh Mehta, set out to establish the high-jewelry division of his family’s business, his ambitions extended beyond simply creating exquisitely crafted jewelry. In the dialect of his native region in India, Harakh means “a deep sense of joy and happiness,” and that is what he wanted to imbed into all touchpoints of the brand. From the selection of the materials used to the thoughtfulness employed in developing the team of artisans with whom he works to the tear of joy included in the brand’s logo and marked on each piece of jewelry created, Harakh was committed to the higher purpose of spreading joy.

"It is about spreading joy through our creations while listening to our soul."

Harakh Mehta

Since launching the brand in 2017, the house of HARAKH has become synonymous with exceptional quality and beauty. Utilizing only DEF color, IF-VS clarity diamonds, which are painstakingly hand-selected, and only 18k gold or platinum, the designs are inspired by Harakh’s ancestral background from the land of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Employing ancient techniques that have been passed down through centuries, in combination with state-of-the-art technology, the jewelry is elegant and sophisticated, yet possesses a singular aesthetic that conveys a distinct and unique point-of-view.

HARAKH’s jewelry features a striking combination of various cuts and shapes of diamonds, including rose cuts, brilliant rounds, and other fancy cuts such as pears, baguettes, emerald cuts and marquis. Each diamond is artistically positioned in modulated settings, allowing for maximum light refraction. The delight the work evokes is enhanced by the brand’s stance on environmental and ethical sustainability.

Growing up in a traditional Jain Palanpuri community, spirituality and sustainability are a part of Harakh’s DNA, and he ensures that the same adherence to a mindful and spiritual lifestyle is incorporated into his business.

The in-house practices of the brand’s offices and atelier, as well as the way they source materials, are focused on sustainability, and this “luxury with a conscience” mindset extends to all living things. This translates not only to improving the quality of life of their artisans and associates, but also in preserving the lives of animals and other living beings; the brand will never use animal leather but will instead invests in the development of luxurious, vegan leather.

At a deep level, Harakh’s design philosophy celebrates life itself, “It is about spreading joy through our creations while listening to our soul,” he explains. “That translates into wearable pieces of art. For me, it is a joy to create; our artisans get joy by pushing their boundaries; and for the wearer, it is a joy to behold and wear the piece – in this way we create joy in the entire ecosystem and at every touchpoint for our brand.”

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