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October 18, 2023

Brand Spotlight: RENNA

he designer behind RENNA, Renna Taher, reveres the magic inherent in exquisitely crafted and thoughtfully imagined fine jewelry. She seeks to create timeless, elegant and unique pieces that can add joy to people’s lives and illustrate a narrative that can be passed down through generations. One reoccurring theme in her brand is the Coffee Bean Shell, which pays homage to a vivid childhood memory when Renna and her free-spirited mother found two shells while strolling on Salt Creek Beach in Laguna. Her mom created a jewelry version of the shells that Renna treasured throughout her life, which later became the benchmark for her eponymous collection.

The designer’s Caspian and Through the Looking Glass collections, shine a light on the wonders of nature in the tiniest of details.

Raised in California’s Pacific Palisades, Renna has always felt a connection to the natural world, and the ocean is a motif to which she often returns. Concurrently, the continual expansion of her collections is a testament to her extensive knowledge and know how. A certified Graduate Gemologist, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California Berkely, as well as a Master’s Degree from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Her profound understanding of “serious” jewelry and her appreciation for uncompromised quality in craftsmanship and material allows her the flexibility to apply a sense of whimsy and playfulness to her designs while maintaining the gravitas of their significance.

In Taweret, the brand’s astonishing interpretation of the Egyptian deity of childbirth and fertility, Renna harnesses the power of vibrational stones and incorporates thoughtful details that bolster the piece’s talismanic qualities. Made of solid, 18k gold, with the head of a hippopotamus and tale of a crocodile, the pendant is adorned with diamonds throughout.

The reverse-set diamonds on her lion’s paws signify her protective powers, while the discreet evil eye lined with enamel on the bale offers an antidote to jealous thoughts. Offered in five combinations, including Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise, Pearl and Moonstone, Malachite and Jade, Rhodochrosite and Garnet, and Tiger’s Eye, collectors can channel the gemstone’s powerful metaphysical properties.

Renna also offers a sophisticated line of 18k gold Zodiac pendants, with each astrological sign engraved in rock crystal overlayed on Lapis Lazuli, which represents the night sky. The designer’s Caspian and Through the Looking Glass collections, shine a light on the wonders of nature in the tiniest of details. According to Renna, she sees the beauty “even the smallest bits that make up a whole,” like drops of rain, grains of sand, fragments of shells and microorganisms that contribute to the abundance of the ocean.

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