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November 09, 2023

Land, Air and Sea: Goshwara Launches its Ark Collection

ounded by designer Sweta Jain, Goshwara has a rich legacy that spans almost 2 decades. With a reputation for creating timelessly elegant, impeccably crafted jewelry utilizing only the finest materials, Sweta strives to design pieces that speak to the heart of the wearer. The brand’s latest collection, Ark, encompasses Sweta’s own love of animals, bringing a diverse range of creatures to life in vibrant sapphires, rubies, diamonds and tsavorites. Aiding in their ability to seamlessly mix with an existing jewelry wardrobe, all pieces can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch and provide wearers with the ability to express themselves in diverse ways.

I wanted to focus on the beauty and diversity of animals, while raising awareness about animal welfare and promoting kindness towards them.

Sweta Jain

From swimming in the seas to soaring the skies to roaming the land, the collection beautifully captures the inherent essence of these majestic beings, “I wanted to focus on the beauty and diversity of animals, while raising awareness about animal welfare and promoting kindness towards them,” Sweta explains.

The Cheetah pendant is a testament to this magnificent feline’s boundless speed and grace, while the Elephant pendant pays tribute to elephants’ deep sense of community and its gentle yet formidable nature. Man’s best friend, the Dog is a symbol of loyalty, companionship and unconditional love, and Ark’s renditions can serve as a reminder to the wearer to embrace the bonds that brings strength and comfort.

Representing the water element is the wise Turtle, whose steadfast nature and ability to navigate through life’s currents with grace and purpose are revered across multiple cultures. The Turtle is joined by dynamic and vibrant versions of Fish, affirming one’s own adaptability and courage to embrace change.

With its characteristic tradition of connecting their collectors to the natural world, Goshwara’s new brand also draws inspiration from the boundless skies. Symbolizing transformation, adaptability and harmony, Ark’s Dragonfly piece is a stunning representation of this ethereal creature. The Owl embodies that creature’s keen insight and ability to see beyond the surface, while the king of the skies, the Eagle, is a testament to the animal’s commanding presence, with its sharp focus and unwavering pursuit of goals.

This latest collection is not only a testament to Sweta’s lifelong passion for animals, it is also born of a passion to spark awareness that will benefit nature. “Today, more than ever, it’s important to protect our environment, and being humane to animals is correlated to that,” she stated. “In addition, saving some of the species will give future generations a chance to enjoy the beauty of these animals the way we had an opportunity to. To that effect, a part of the proceeds from the sale of pieces from the Ark Collection will be donated to animal and environment-related charities.”

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