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May 25, 2023

Welcome Class of 2023

hile we love and are very appreciative of the longevity of so many of our exhibiting designers and brands, it’s always fun to welcome new talent to our community. Not only does the newness, which is carefully sought and meticulously selected by our sales team each year, bring a fresh breadth of creativity and innovation into our midst, it’s also so fun seeing COUTURE through new eyes.

Header image features Sophie Theakston Jewelry. 

We never tire of the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of Wynn, Las Vegas, yet let's be honest, we have come to expect it!

We never tire of the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of Wynn, Las Vegas, yet let’s be honest, we have come to expect it! And those of us who have been with the show for a while (don’t make me say how long….) have also come to expect the exceptional curation of talent on the show floor, we know our Opening Night Event is an incredible opportunity to make memories with long-time friends and new, and we feel giddy with excitement even thinking about our fabulous COUTURE Design Awards Event (and after party!) in the Encore Theater. But experiencing COUTURE for the first time, discovering our event and this community for the first time, is something most of us can only recall as a distant memory.

Below is a quick round up of brands making their COUTURE debut. Please join us in welcoming them to our community, and when you see them in person in Las Vegas, let them know how happy you are that they are now an integral part of COUTURE.

886 by the Royal Mint

886 by the Royal Mint is a contemporary collection of genderless jewelry that incorporates traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge sustainability. Salon 710.

Alexandra Rosier - Eternal Love Hands Necklace

Alexandra Rosier‘s training in Fine Art is evident throughout her collection and her expansive world view, as well as influences of her international background, continue to inform her dreamy, thought-provoking designs. Design Atelier 27.

Alexia Gryllak

A designer with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, Alexia Gryllaki spent years designing for other companies, as well as testing and authenticating gemstones for a high end dealer, before launching her eponymous brand in her native Greece. Design Atelier 25.




Based in Tel Aviv, the two designers behind Artëmer, Tomer and Tanya, apply their multicultural backgrounds in the creation of “a multilayered fusion of aesthetics and unique sensitivity to form and composition.” Design Atelier 36.

Chiarelli Milano

Italian brand Chiarelli Milano takes the every day and makes it extraordinary. The brand’s founder, Jessica Nasr takes a fearless approach to the design process, creating elegant and innovative jewelry that pushes boundaries. Salon 642.

Christophe Danhier

Christophe Danhier prides himself on creating exceptionally crafted works of art, made from the finest materials with impeccable attention to detail. “From the placement of each stone to the curve of every line, Danhier’s work is a testament to the precision and skill of his team of master artisans.”  Salon 722.

Denise Cassou Couture Jewelry

Brazilian brand, Denise Cassou Couture Jewelry, creates jewelry to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments. Art and fashion has been a long-time inspiration for this artist, who is also a passionate traveller, photographer and filmmaker. Salon 923.

Eden Presley

Founded by Gwen Myers, Eden Presley fuses classic and traditional motifs with contemporary elements, while also pushing the boundaries of fine jewelry with unique combinations of materials. Artful and elegant, the jewelry also showcases a playful side and can easily transition from every day to black tie ensembles. Design Atelier 31.


Designed by friends Chiara Capitani and Romy Blanga, EÉRA merges precious metals and diamonds with unexpected pops of neon colors, resulting in jewelry that is both playful and enduring. Their work is created in Italy and is intended to be worn every day, as well as passed down through generations. Salon 509.


Future Fortune @ For Future Reference

Noting that her inspiration is “endless,” Future Fortune founder, Jessica Olds, who will be exhibiting her work with For Future Reference, creates jewelry that feels both personal and cinematic, believing that “elegance done right can be an every day accessory.” Vill 310.



GYAN Jaipur

Deriving inspiration from the beautiful city of colors, Jaipur, GYAN Jaipur combines timeless design with a modern sensibility and a Western aesthetic. The brand’s elegant and innovative jewelry reflects the rich cultural heritage of contemporary Jaipur, combining dynamic creativity with unparalleled craftsmanship. Salon 843.

HRH Joaillerie creates jewelry that inspires the woman who wears it, and serves as an expression of her individual style, her attitude and her beliefs. “Whether she’s slaying it at work, spending time with family and friends, or attending a gala for a cause she passionately supports, HRH jewelry goes where she goes.” Salon 731.

Jade Ruzzo @ For Future Reference

Former stylist and designer, Jade Ruzzo, was inspired to create a collection of fine jewelry following the passing of her father, Vic, a drummer. She strives to create heirloom quality jewelry with a sense of permanence, and her metal-intensive pieces create an elegant framework for diamonds and colored gemstones. Villa 310.

Joanna Dahdah

Lebanese based designer, Joanna Dahdah, pays homage to her heritage in both the aesthetics and the narrative of her collection. Her pieces are made to be worn and enjoyed, yet they contain a permanence and complexity of emotions that render them instant heirlooms. Design Atelier 32.

Ju Bochner @ JULLS

Ju Bochner designer, Julia Bochner, creates authentic, fun and bright pieces inspired by the unique lifestyle and tropical summer of her native Rio de Janeiro. A fan of stacking and layering, her prolific collection gives wearers ample options to do both, stating, “I make jewelry for it to be an extra layer of sparkle against the skin. A radiant detail that makes all the difference and illuminates and brightens.” Salon 705.




Kloto designer, Senem Gençoğlu, establishes a narrative of openness and inclusion in her collection through sculptural forms and mixed metals. Hailing from a family of artisans with a spirit rooted in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, she applies a contemporary eye to heritage craftsmanship and environmentally-conscious production. Design Atelier 23.

L'Atelier Nawbar

A sense of joy and playfulness permeates the L’Atelier Nawbar collection of jewelry. The children of multiple generations of jewelers from Lebanon, Dima and Tania draw upon their memories of playing dress up in their father and grandfather’s designs, while also paying homage to their family’s dynasty, in the creation of their impeccably crafted collection. Salon 910.

Logan Hollowell

Los Angeles-based designer, Logan Hollewell, brings an intuitive approach to the design process. She hand-selects gemstones that speak to her and aid her in dictating her designs, and weaves themes of nature and spiritual symbolism throughout her collections. Salon 433.



Known for their innovative spirit, Luminox & Mondaine are industry leaders in the field of sustainability. Salon 933.


Lunar Rain

Working with interesting stones such as dendritic agate, Lunar Rain designer, Melissa Chen, is enamored by the effect the stones’ natural inclusions create; it’s as if they are encasing bits of nature, “like magical miniature paintings.” Inspired by nature, with nods to surrealism, art nouveau, ancient Greek and Roman aesthetics, her designs are often dictated by the gemstones and are created to highlight their unique properties. Design Atelier 35.

Maison Alix Dumas

Alix Dumas of Maison Alix Dumas is extremely selective in her creative output, choosing only to focus on grand, colorful, exceptional, contemporary creations since founding her eponymous collection in 2020. Adhering to strict ethical and responsible production standards, her limited edition pieces have already garnered international acclaim. Design Atelier 34.

Maria Kotsoni

Born and raised on the sun-kissed island of Cyprus, Maria Kotsoni affinity for her island’s rich, cultural heritage can be seen throughout her body of work. Combining her love of nature, her interest in Archaeology, Philosophy, travel and the modern world, her jewelry “….attempts to revoke the connection between past and present.” Design Atelier 19.

Mason and Books

Bold, sophisticated and incorporating unexpected color combinations, the wok of Mason and Books designer, Jamie Books, is inspired by her family and the rollercoaster of life. Her jewelry showcases the reverence she has for the artform, as well as a profound understanding of the sense of inherent joy that jewelry can spark. Design Atelier 21.


Established in Athens, Greece in 1981, Studio Minas is uncompromising in following the stringent manufacturing standards of its founder to ensure his vision and perspective are maintained within his jewelry. Every step in the fabrication process done in-house giving the brand complete autonomy and freedom. Salon 536.


NEFERTITI by Nadine Barbey

Nadine Barbey utilizes only the highest quality gemstones, which are hand selected for each piece, in the creation by her NEFERTITI by Nadine Barbey collection. Designed to activate and realign the 7 Chakras, her work is luxurious, stylish and accessible. Design Atelier 37.

Netali Nissim

Designer Netali Nissim creates meaningful jewelry in which beauty, purity and a deep well of spirituality converge. Her pieces are designed to connect to each of the wearer’s five senses, stating, “When our sense are all engaged, we become infused with love and meaning.” Salon 810.



Nikolle Radi @ Rainbowwave

“After spending his childhood in Croatia entranced by his father’s jewelry making business and workshop, Nikolle Radi moved to New York to pursue his dream of creating jewelry. In war-torn Croatia, he would take apart grenades to see how they were made and make pendants from the small components. Now, fascinated by platinum, he creates intricate, almost physics-bending, patterns, designs, and open work which he incorporates into his signature collection.” (Description taken from Salon 610.

Peruffo Jewelry

Peruffo subverts the classic rules and deconstructs convention in favor of objects with an everrecognizable design. Shapes are deconstructed and reconstructed through innovative jewelry techniques and a constant exchange between different but complementary skills.” Salon 439.

Prakshi Fine Jewelry

Designer Prakshi Sharma grew up in the heart of India where she was exposed to her native country’s rich history of art and culture. Learning about jewelry first from her mother’s jewelry box, she was later trained by masters of the industry at FIT in New York City. Her work re-defines the casual luxury space, and her gender-neutral work is characterized by minimalist lines and natural forms. Salon 842.



The designer behind PROLOGUE by Maison de Aranda, Pedro de Aranda, fabricates all of his jewelry and objets d’art in house to ensure his vision and ideas are fully realized. With over 45 year of industry experience, Pedro relies on his vast expertise and his connections with some of the best stone dealers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and carvers in the world in the creation of his intricately playful designs. Salon 832.

Rainbow K

The Parisian designers behind Rainbow K Jewelry, Kelly and Kelia, blend their complementary inspirations in the creation of their prolific collections. With an Art Deco spirit, they combine vintage and modern sensibilities and enjoy mixing diamonds with enamel and precious gemstones. Design Atelier 33.

Sibylle von Munster

French designer Sibylle Von Münster‘s modern, at times minimalist, aesthetic, has brought a sense of liberation to French jewelry. “My vision is to align my creative approach with the expectation of the new generation which advocates ethical values, seeking a strong creative signature, combined with quality products embodying committed and inspiring personalities.” Salon 706.

Siera Jewelry

“At Siera, variety is the spice of life. Innovative, Sophisticated, Siera offers a vast selection of merchandise that stands apart from other jewelry lines in the market. Renowned for our visionary, cutting edge style, we pride ourselves on our ability to forecast trends and bring our customers inspired styles that are up to date. Siera dares to be different.” Salon 329.

VAN @ Muse

Making her debut with her collection of VAN jewelry in the Muse Salon, designer Tatiana Van Lancker describes her articulated robot collection as “sci fi meets art deco.” Crafted to be worn every day and passed down through generations, much of her work can be customized to the clients exact specifications. Salon 412.


Founded in 2009 in South Korea, Veniroe now operates out of Beverly Hills, California. Specializing in colored gemstones, the brand creates unique pieces that are inspired by nature. Salon 937



Wilbur watches are designed and engineered by Jason Wilbur in California and represent the pioneering spirit of American design…The brand finds its roots in Mr. Wilbur’s extraordinary and broad history in many facets of design, R&D, and innovation. Pushing limits is the core of the brand.” Salon 935.

Sophie Theakston

Hailing from a second generation of jewelers, designer Sophie Theakston has had a life-long association with jewelry. Her love for precious metals and gemstones inspired her to return to college to study Jewelry Design and Making in London, and the design of her surrealist pieces are often dictated by the energies of the gemstones with which she works. Design Atelier 29.



Designed by South Korean designer, Soonhee Jung, Yeowoon‘s jewelry is created to enhance the individual style and personality of the wearer and to aid in the enjoyment of the present moment. Salon 546.

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